Natural Landscapes Can Enrich Your Happiness!

Remember back to a time when you felt connected with nature. Maybe it was an afternoon in the park, a sunset at the beach or the immense magnitude of a walk through the forest. Whatever your experience, nature speaks to our inner most call to connect with something mysterious and awe inspiring. For those of you who are fortunate to live in parts of Canada where nature is at your back door, your immersion in nature is routine. But for others who are surrounded by the “concrete jungles” of city life, finding ways to connect with nature on a daily basis can be more challenging.

“Professor John M. Zelensky of Carleton University and Associate Professor Elizabeth K.Nisbet of Trent University, found results indicating that “our connection to nature may be a path to human happiness and our relationship with nature is a significant and distinct predictor of many happiness indicators.” Numerous positive psychological and physiological health benefits were also found in a study on nature therapy and the traditional Japanese practice of nature immersion, known as Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku (SY).  The findings indicated that “individuals who interacted with green spaces reported to be more energetic, in good overall health and, have more of a sense of meaningful purpose in life.” We are a part of nature. When we balance the elements around us and invite in more natural space, it can facilitate mental clarity and the feeling of inner spaciousness that is calming, healthy and rejuvenative. Being in nature helps us to concentrate and use our natural senses to navigate through the wilderness, amplifying our innate instincts and awakening our cognitive ability.” Natural landscapes and elemental spaces are charged with oxygen atoms known as negative ions that energize your body, boost your immunity and benefit your mood. A recent study recognized that the negative ions found in nature decreased depression. Negative ions are generated by moving water, sunlight, air and earth. When we are immersed in the natural elements, our bodies become charged with negative ions and we feel more connected and happy. (Nicole Mahabir · CBC Life )

The majority of our daily tasks are spent behind a computer screen, in an office or on the road in our vehicles. So how can you connect with nature if you live in a city centre?

Here are 6 ways to bring “green spaces” to your daily living:

  1. Visit designated green spaces in your city like parks, conservation areas, botanical gardens and farm markets.
  2. Plan an outdoor visit with a friend or relative who has a beautiful garden.
  3. Add pictures of outdoor scenery, flowers or wildlife to your home décor
  4. Find a friend who has indoor plants that are easy to care for and is willing to split and share them with you.
  5. Bring living plants into your home and office spaces.
  6. Hire someone who can incorporate natural and preserved plants into your redecorating project.

Whatever your environment, space and budget allow for, even the smallest addition of connecting with nature can instantly add value to your daily living. GROasis Gardening uses innovative designs to bring nature to you! We use sustainably sourced, live and preserved plants to create biophilic designs for your home or office.

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