Gardening Services


Dedicated to educating garden enthusiasts and green thumb hopefuls through workshops, speaking events and educational resources. We love talking about plants, design, soil, pruning, growing tips, maintenance and so much more.....


Whether you are adapting, rejuvenating or designing a garden, our walk-through consultation will help you recognize the the abundance of plants you already have, any problem areas that need solutions, and the possibilities for new ideas.


Do you have a garden project you want to start or complete? We work together with you to design and integrate your garden ideas into your existing landscape. We create possibility and show you how to plant, mulch, prune and maintain your gardens.

Helping you create green spaces!


What is your consulting fee?

Standard Consulting Fee: $225 +HST  Our standard consulting includes an initial on-site walk through of your property. This can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. We will look at existing gardens, identify and assess plants, plant placement, plant health, discuss problem areas and explore possibilities for garden renovations or new garden ideas. You will receive a detailed follow-up report including: our on-site discussion, ways of implementing new ideas, solutions for problem areas, list of plant options, and any general inquiries you have made. This is a great place to start if you need help with a current or new garden project and plan to do the work yourself.

What other consulting services do you offer?

In addition to our standard consultation we can help you with project budgeting, design plans, prep/installation & mulching know-how, supply of plants, maintenance/pruning services.


Our outdoor garden design can include anything from a new perennial garden to a garden renovation or an overall property plan. This includes meeting with you on-site to discuss your gardening goals, budget and any problem areas. Once we have a good understanding of what you are looking to create,  we will draft a digital garden design for your approval. Once approved, we will establish a contract to go ahead with the final design. Our designs include a digital copy, a plant list with substitutes if necessary, a maintenance & pruning schedule and general plant care tips. We also offer extra services to help you manage your project, budget, supply you with industry quality plants and guide you through the garden installation process. If you are considering a large landscape project, we can refer you to design/build industry partners. 

what are your design fees?

There are many variables that go into our design fee: the size of the garden, a new garden, multiple gardens or the deconstructing and renovation of an existing garden. Our initial on-site consultation is $75 +HST and includes a follow up meeting to view and discuss the preliminary design. If you decide to work with us, that consulting fee will be deducted from the final design fee. *Extra services rendered will be added to your final invoice. (Eg. project management, budgeting, plant purchases, if we do the installation)

what educational services do you offer?

We offer a variety of educational workshops, public speaking and general information to schools, community organizations or any group interested in learning more about gardening.

What are the services you don't offer?

We are a small, local business and primarily focus on soft-scape design and installation using plants, shrubs and small trees. We generally do not install patios, stone walls, steps or other hardscape features. As a designer & horticulturalist (not a landscape architect) our focus is to share our expertise and resources so you can successfully create the green spaces you desire.

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